Merging Heaven and Earth

Guidance from the Dragon Gate has inspired an important new phase in the planetary Cintamani grid project. The idea is to essentially create a parallel grid in the air/æther to the current Earth grid which is already in place.

By suspending Cintamani stones in the air it will help to raise the vibratory frequency of the grid into a higher octave, merging the Forces of Heaven and Earth together. Thus accelerating the Compression Breakthrough process.

Some ideas on how you could go about this:
~ use hemp twine/cord, nylon, a metal spiral cage pendant, etc. to create a simple harness to hold the stone. Then you can hang the stone on a tree branch or something else
~ you could find a hole/crack in a tree and place a stone securely in the tree
~ you could also place a Cintamani stone on top of a standing stone (in a crack or divot in the stone) or other such object which is erected high off the ground, reaching towards the heavens